The beautiful creative collection of hand embroidered and beaded silk slippers/soft shoes that Miss Pussycat lovingly hand sews herself are fast becoming both desirable and essential  for any fashion conscious women – particularly the shoe lovers amongst us…….

Our universally acknowledged obsession for shoes now ventures one step further when you “slip” on such soft, luxurious wearable art for your feet. Even corporate high fliers, once safely ensconced in the office, have been known to kick off their back and ankle breaking stilettos in favour of these divine, heavenly comfortable masterpieces…once you have worn them you will not want to take them off!!!

Miss Pussycat’s slippers are borne from her love of slippers and desire to create a collection so beautiful that you do not have to kick them off when someone comes to the door, visitors call in or ‘the girls come to lunch’. That you can wear them ‘out’ or at work is a fabulously versatile advantage. She eats, sleeps and breathes embroidery and colour and with endless inspiration, myriad colourful silks, lustrous threads and shimmering sequins, beads and crystals, has created a collection to make every woman’s heart sing. From divine hearts and pretty flowers to delicate pintucks and vibrant spirals and everything in between, there is something for everyone. The colour combinations are subtle, sublime or stunning.

Quality, Handmade Limited Edition

Miss Pussycat prides herself on the highest quality workmanship. Each limited edition slipper/soft shoe is expertly cut, beautifully, lovingly embroidered and finely stitched or beaded, before being carefully assembled and finished all by her own hand. They are one hundred percent Australian made boutique bespoke footwear.

A Little History...

The origin of  slippers relates to the light fabric from which they were made, allowing the "soft shoes" to be "slipped" onto the foot for indoor wear, dating back in western society from 1478. Slippers have a place in many different eras in history including pre-revolutionary France, when the aristocracy coveted exquisite and opulent fabrics/clothing, jewels and footwear known as "slippers." The heavily embroidered and beaded, soft silk shoes that a bride wore for her marriage...known as "wedding slippers" (a term still used today) date from the French Baroque & Rococco periods.

"Slippers" are also synonomous with Japan where it is tradition to remove one's street shoes before entering the home. Slippers are laid out for both resident and guest as a symbolic invitation to 'step' into a more relaxed state of mind. Within the home the floor levels change to define the spaces and people are required by custom to change from one pair of slippers to another according to the function of that room. It is not only impolite but a serious offence not to do so.

Beautiful, Comfortable, Versatile...

Miss Pussycat combines aspects of such historical background with her unique creativity, expertise, and the use of modern materials to provide you with the perfect slipper/soft shoe. They do indeed invite you to 'step' into a more relaxed state of mind as they are divinely comfortable and soothing for tired feet at the end of a busy day. You will appreciate them even more with the awareness their lightweight, soft design allows you to compactly fold and tuck them into your handbag and feel confident you can relax in stylish comfort where ever you go. In fact weighing just 75 grams, they are most ideal for travel or even posting overseas as a beautiful and unique gift for a special friend.

Design and Materials...

Miss Pussycat's slippers/soft shoes are made of almost entirely natural fibers, allowing your feet to breath. The winter ballet style slippers and mules cocoon your feet in luxurious soft though equally strong silk with pure wool wadding and pure cotton flannelette and fine pinwale corduroy linings. The mules and slides swathe your feet in the same pure silk with pure cotton wadding and pure cotton poplin, homespun or gaberdine linings. A combination of high density and softer cushioning foam, natural fiber wadding and supple leather soles transport you to "walk in the clouds."

Miss Pussycat's slippers/soft shoes allow you to walk with ease due to the unique design of our high cut uppers and construction using lightweight materials. Gone is the old concept of "flip-flops" where you had to scrunch your toes to hold them on...rather, our mules and slides hug the soles of your feet so securely they will not shake off. The same careful consideration to design of Miss Pussycat's ballet slipper/soft shoe coupled with the gentle elasticated back, allows them to stay on your feet rather than ride down at your heel.

Absolutely Purr…fectly…Yours