Leaf Necklace - Burgundy with Mushroom“I bought my elderly aunt a pair of Miss Pussycat Slippers over 18 months ago for a birthday gift – they were the perfect gift that she adored – stylish, luxurious and unique, yet comfortable and practical. She was able to easily put them on and wear them for casual wear at home during the day and evening, the Opera or dinner out a restaurant, or even to the stores.

They really are  so comfortable and stylish to her that she constantly wants to keep them on : they suit all purposes and are so safe, durable and long lasting.  It is amazing – after a year of constant wear they still look like new.
I was so impressed by how Miss Pussycat took the utmost care to match the shoe to the owner and how safe and easy this footwear is for the elderly.  I am delighted to recommend Miss Pussycat Slippers to anyone considering them for themselves or their family”.

Tracey Terry

“I recently was gifted a pair of Miss Pussycat Slippers! AND believe me when I say gifted!! These slippers are divine. I have always been a slipper girl but have never felt anything as soft, soothing and sensuous
as my ‘pussycat’ slippers. When I slip off the heels and slip into my ‘pussycats‘ at the end of the day I am in sheer heaven and feel like a goddess every time”.

Natalie McIvor
Enlightened Goddesses Business Network

“I absolutely love my Miss Pussycat slippers – they are so comfortable and look great. I wear them around the house all the time!”

Rebecca Taubert


“I am currently in mourning.  My beautiful silk slippers have finally (after 3 ½ years of continuous wear) separated body from sole literally.  I love to surround myself with things that make me smile and every morning my hot pink and leaf green beauties would be waiting there for me, promising to protect me from the cold tiles.  They never failed to cheer me up.  I realised they were getting tired but they were still soooo.. beautiful and comfy. They were an indulgence but they certainly gave me good value. Thank you for your art Miss Pussy Cat”.

Jacki S. Brisbane


“I travel and stay with people quite a bit so appreciate my slippers because they are light and take very little space in the bag. Being a fairly early riser, these are also wonderful to place beside the bed and easily slip my feet into and move around in quietly, without waking others”.

Marjorie Shorland